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Other Results

Helium and Wolf-Rayet Stellar Models

Stellar models calculated with Cambridge STARS evolution code

Code is available from

Stellar models are described in McClelland & Eldridge (2016).

Contact for further details.

There are several files for download at 4 metallicities, Z=0.008, 0.014, 0.020 and 0.040. These are approximately LMC, "new" solar, "old" solar and twice solar.

The files are grouped as follows: plotfiles_METALLICITY_CLUMPING_MASSLOSS

MASSLOSS is the scaling factor (beta) applied to the mass-loss rate. Mass-loss scheme is taken from Nugis and Lamers (2000).

CLUMPING is the clumping factor for the inflated envelope. See Graefener et al. (2011) for details.

Each model grid is compressed using XZ Utils. To decompress, use the -J flag with tar. For example, tar -vxJf filename.tar.xz


Evolutionary tracks: