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This page summarises estimated summer school costs and is directed mainly at those not covered by the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC). There are three possible funding/cost categories as described below. The costs here are estimates and we cannot guarantee that the final charge will correspond precisely to these figures but they should be good for order of magnitude estimates and reasonably close to reality.

STFC-supported students

All costs of STFC-supported students are paid for, but travel expenses must be claimed from STFC based on original receipts (a claim form will be issued by STFC). Ask your institute or future supervisor if you are unsure whether you will be STFC- or otherwise supported.

STFC-eligible students supported by bodies other than the STFC

If you satisfy STFC's eligibility requirements, but will be funded from a source other than STFC then you will need to pay accomodation (assuming that you stay on campus), meal costs including the conference dinner, and the price of the planned excursion to Warwick Castle (approx £ 20), but your course fees will be covered under STFC funds. The accomodation and meal costs are as follows (inclusive of VAT):

  1. 24 hour en-suite rate (1 night accomodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, tea): £ 90
  2. B&B (1 night accomodation + breakfast): £ 50
  3. Day rate (lunch, coffee, tea): £ 35

On one night there will be conference dinner costing about £ 45; if you have booked 24-hour en-suite accomodation for this night there will be a rebate for the missed on-campus dinner of £ 17.

Example costing: assume that you arrive on Sunday and leave on Friday staying on campus. Then for the first night you pay the B&B rate, for Monday to Thursday (which covers up to Friday breakfast) you pay the 24-hour rate, and for the Friday day you pay the day rate. This comes to just under £ 500. The figures above should let you estimate alternatives such as attending day-by-day. Whoever funds these costs will also have to cover your travel.

STFC-ineligible students

If you do not satisfy STFC's eligibility requirements you will in addition to the above costs need to pay course fees (which cover publication materials, clerical effort, speaker costs and the like). Our best current estimate for these is £ 200 per head.