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Social Events


Following a welcome reception on Sunday evening, we will hold a pub quiz on the Monday evening, a Conference Dinner on the Wednesday night (in the medieval Great Hall of Coventry Guildhall), and an excursion to Warwick Castle on Thursday afternoon.

campus_locations_all.pngWelcome Reception - Sunday

We would like to welcome all participants on Sunday evening in the atrium of University House at 18:30. There you can register for the school and receive your welcome pack, but more importantly meet your fellow participants and the local organisers while enjoying some food, drinks and jazz.

Sports PavilionPub Quiz - Monday

A pub quiz will be held at the Cryfield Sports Pavilion, opposite the playing fields. Test your team spirit...

Conference Dinner - wednesdaySt Mary Guild Hall, Coventry

On wednesday evening, everyone will be taken to the Coventry Guild Hall by coach. The coaches will leave from Library Road at 18:00. St Mary's Guildhall is regarded as one of the finest surviving medieval guildhalls in the country, and one of the most important historic sites in the city of Coventry. Standing in the heart of Coventry for over 650 years, St. Mary's Guildhall has witnessed events of both local and national importance during its long history, acting as a temporary prison for Mary Queen of Scots, a theatre for Shakespeare and his players, and surviving the devastating blitz of the Second World War. We expect to return to campus by coach at 22:30.

Warwick CastleWarwick Castle - Thursday

At lunchtime, we will be heading to Warwick Castle for the afternoon, again boarding coaches on Library Road with packed lunches at 12:00. This famous site dates back to 914AD when an Anglo-Saxon burh was established by Ethelfleda, daughter of Alfred the Great. After the Norman conquest of England, William the Conqueror established a motte-and-bailey castle at Warwick in 1068 to maintain control of the Midlands as he advanced northwards. The current castle was built during the reign of King Henry II. It sits on a bend on the River Avon and was used as a fortification until the early 17th century. The large site has plenty to explore, both inside and outdoors, including displays such as the firing of the Trebuchet. We plan to return to campus by coach at 18:00.