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Applying to come to Warwick

We are excited that you are interested in applying to come to Warwick for the WAKE program.

In order to be considered for the WAKE programme, these are the following requirements:

Essential Criteria

  • Come from an under-represented background in Astronomy (worldwide)
  • Want to pursue a career in Astronomy
  • Strong working knowledge of English, both written and oral, B1/B2
  • Have a Master's degree or equivalent level in a Science Technology Engineering or Maths related subject
  • Be able to demonstrate that you will benefit from the programme

Preference will be given to candidates who

  • come from a country under-represented in the field of astronomy
  • are interested in doing a PhD or applying for a position at Warwick University
  • are interested in sharing their experiences with their home institute / fellow astronomers.
  • have aligned research interests with the Warwick Astronomy Group

In the form we will ask to tell us how and why you would benefit from being selected to participate in WAKE, including how this experience may benefit your own institute or region.

The application is now closed