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Past Equitea Committee Members

Below is a list of previous members of Equitea for each academic year.

The current committee members for this academic year can be found on the Equitea home page.

The table below lists the Equitea committee members and the academic years for which they were on the committee.

Role Name (pronouns) Time on Committee
Current Members    
Student lead Ares Osborn (they/them) 2020 - Present
Staff lead Heather Cegla (she/her | they/them) 2020 - Present
Committee Member (Staff) David Brown (he/him) 2020 - Present
Committee Member (Student) Gareth Jones (he/him) 2020 - Present
Committee Advisor (Staff) Farzana Meru (she/her) 2020 - Present
Committee Member (Student) Amena Faruqi (she/her) 2022 - Present
Committee Member (Student) Mairi O'Brien (she/her) 2022 - Present
Committee Member (Postdoc) Marina Lafarga Magro (she/her) 2022 - Present
Committee Member (Student) Azib Norazman (he/him) 2023 - Present
Committee Member (Postdoc) Vatsal Panwar (he/him/his) 2023 - Present
Committee Member (Student) Catriona McDonald (she/her) 2020 - 2022
Committee Member (Student) Eva-Maria Ahrer (she/her) 2020 - 2022
Committee Member (Student) Faith Hawthorn (she/her) 2020 - 2022
Committee Member (Student) Laura Millson (she/her) 2022 - 2022
Committee Member (Postdoc) Lauren Doyle (she/her) 2020 - 2021

Below are links to find the committee members of Equitea for each year. Click the links next to the year to get more information about the committee for that year and the roles undertaken.

2024 - Link
2023 - Link
2022 - Link
2020/21 - Link