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Past Meeting Topics

Here you can find a list of topics discussed in meetings in previous calendar years.

The table below gives the topic titles discussed while more detail can be found by clicking the link next to the year.

The schedule for the current year can be found on the Equitea home page.

2024 - Link
Month Meeting Topic
January What does effective outreach look like?
2023 - Link
Month Meeting Topic
January What's in an Image?: Looking to an Equitable Future for Astronomy
February Conferences: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
March Managing Mental Health and Wellbeing in Academia
April Some Equitea Reflections from Aotearoa, New Zealand
May The Impact of Having a Stutter in Academia
June Equitea Retrospective
July Equitea Literature Review
September Transparency in Organising Astronomy Seminars
October Imposter Syndrome
November The Tactile Universe: Accessible Astrophysics Public Engagement with the Vision Impaired Community
2022 - Link
Month Meeting Topic
January Equitea Anniversary: Reflection & Feedback
February Gender Parity in Question-Asking at Conferences - An Overview of Previous Studies and Plans for NAM 2022
March How to be an Active Bystander
May Hidden Struggles of the Non-Native Speaker in Academia
June Disability in Academia
July "Decolonising Astronomy" - Why should we care?
August Behind the Name: JWST
September WAKE Discussion Session
October An Introduction to Academia
2021 - Link
Month Meeting Topic

Introduction to Equitea, Code of Conduct and anonymous Q&A system
Discussion of own stories of being on the receiving end of implicit bias or discrimination

February Moving for your Career in Astronomy
March The Challenges of Maternity and Academia
April Portrayal of Women in Science Fiction
May Unseen Neurodiversity in Academia

The impact of COVID-19 on faculty productivity and wellbeing: results from a faculty survey at the University of British Columbia

NAM 2021 (June)

NAM 2021 Session Diversifying the future: opening astronomy and geophysics to all

Talk - Creating Equitea: a monthly forum to discuss topics related to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) in Astronomy, Physics, and STEM

July Resource Sharing Session
August Astronomy for Development: the Namibian Example
September Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at Academic Conferences: A Discussion
October Transphobia, TERFs and their emergence in academia
November What is Islamophobia?