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Complex Systems and Quantum Theory Forum.

Seminar Description.

The seminar is aimed at mathematicians and theoretical physicists interested in the study of complex systems (quantum and classical alike). Each seminar lasts for one hour and a half with a 15 minutes tea break in the middle. Speakers are encouraged to use blackboard rather than the OHP. They are also asked to spend first 45 minutes of the talk giving an introduction to their field of research with the emphasis on the general methods of quantum theory used in it. Second part is intended for the explanation of the speaker's own results in the field. We thus hope that the seminar will be of interest to a broad range of scientists dealing with complex systems in their research. See

Archive to 2005

for the list of past talks.


    Gero Friesecke (Maths)

    Robin Ball (Physics)

    Oleg Zaboronski (Maths)