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Calculating the Magnetic Anisotropy of Rare-Earth-Transition-Metal Ferrimagnets

Our work investigating the temperature dependence of the magnetocrystalline anisotropy of the RE-TM magnets YCo5 and GdCo5 has been published in Physical Review Letters.

Christopher E. Patrick, Santosh Kumar et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 097202 (2018)

Thu 01 March 2018, 08:14

Award for the best paper published by a research fellow in the Physics Department in 2017

In recognition of the excellent contribution that postdocs make to the research in the Physics Department at the University of Warwick, the Head of Department, Prof David Leadley, has initiated an award for the best paper published by a research fellow this year. Chris Patrick and Santosh Kumar from PRETAMAG have jointly won the first award for their paper “Rare-earth/transition-metal magnetic interactions in pristine and (Ni,Fe)-doped YCo5 and GdCo5” Phys.Rev.Materials 1, 02411 (2017). The paper was consider to be well-written and to convey clearly the outcomes of the joint theory-experimental activities. The interpretation of results and insight into the materials that this joint approach has enabled was particularly commended.

Wed 20 December 2017, 15:29

European School of Magnetism - lecture on spin orbit coupling effects and magnetic anisotropy

Julie Staunton was one of the lecturers at the European School of Magnetism held in Corsica, 9 -21 October. Here are her lecture notes on spin-orbit coupling and magnetic anisotropy

Fri 20 October 2017, 17:29

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