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First-principles calculations of the magnetocrystalline anisotropy of the prototype 2:17 cell boundary phase Y(Co_{1-x-y} Fe_x Cu_y)_5

Our computational study into the effect of iron and copper on the magnetic properties of commercial Sm-Co magnets has been published in the Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials.

Fri 18 January 2019, 08:02

Field-induced canting of magnetic moments in GdCo5 at finite temperature: first-principles calculations and high-field measurements

Our work studying the temperature-dependent behaviour of GdCo5 in high magnetic fields has been accepted for publication as a letter in Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter.

Thu 05 July 2018, 10:31

Rare-earth/transition-metal magnets at finite temperature: Self-interaction-corrected relativistic density functional theory in the disordered local moment picture

Our calculations on the RECo5 series of magnets have been published in Phys. Rev. B.

Thu 14 June 2018, 18:07

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