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The group in October 2017

Group Leader : Animesh Datta

PostDocs : George Knee, Theodoros Kapourniotis, Max Marcus, Francesco Albarelli

PhD: Magdalena Szczykulska (Oxford), Dominic Branford, Samuele Ferracin, Jamie Friel, Evangelia Bisketzi, Aiman Khan

MPhys: Aqib Abbas, Sean Adamson



Armands Strikis: MPhys during 17/10-18/6

Ramsey Lawrence: MPhys during 17/10-18/6

Christos Gagatsos: PDRA during 15/6-18/3 (Moved to the University of Arizona for a Postdoc)

Shibdas Roy: PDRA during 17/1-17/12

Luke Smith: BSc during 15/10-16/6, MSc during 16/10-17/9 (Moved to the University of Leeds for a PhD in Chemistry)

Fariha Azad: URSS during 17/6-17/9

Blake Searl: MMathPhys during 15/10-16/6

Lee Staples: MMathPhys during 15/10-16/6

Kaja Milczewska: BSc during 15/10-16/6 (Moved to the University of Reading for a PhD in Atmosphere, Oceans and Climate)

Tillmann Baumgratz: PDRA during 14/10-15/12 (Moved to Bosch GmbH)