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Battery Scale-Up

Battery scale up 2A unique UK facility...

Industrial collaborators come to us to evaluate novel battery chemistries in a more affordable and timely manner.

Our unique UK facility is capable of producing full-size prototype battery cells in sufficient quantities for industrial testing.

The climate-controlled facilities allows our technologists to manufacture both pouch cells and cylindrical cells. After fabrication, the prototype cells are evaluated for performance, battery life and safety in our comprehensive battery testing facilities. The post-test facilities also help researchers understand the changes that occur in materials as a battery ages from use or testing.

The adoption of electric and hybrid propulsion systems is currently being held back by the energy storage capacity of present day commercially available lithium technology batteries. A five-fold increase in energy density is required to enable battery powered vehicles to achieve the range that conventional internal combustion engine cars offer with a tank of fuel.

Battery scale up 3

Our Energy Innovation Centre is focused on identifying and demonstrating battery chemistries with higher energy densities and improved safety while achieving the cost criteria set by the automotive industry.

This technology is transferable to other sectors including, aerospace, marine, rail and static energy storage for home applications.

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