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Electrochemical Materials


We also deliver the scaled-up production of electrochemical materials from bench-scale to industry-relevant quantities.

We are able to develop safe, scalable and commercially viable processes to produce kilogram quantities of electrochemical materials needed for industrial evaluation. Our R&D capabilities are wide-ranging and cover activities in active materials (anode; cathode) and inactive materials (binders, separators, additives and electrolytes).

Focus areas of interest include:

1) Chemistries: Ni-rich, Si-rich anodes, anode free, protective coatings, Li-metal anodes, solid state electrolytes, Na-ion batteries.

2) Manufacturing: Electrode formulations, novel processing, recycling and battery scale up

Meeting automotive industry targets
We have expertise in the fundamental science of electrochemical materials, synthesis of materials and composite microstructures, understanding new or combined properties and scale-up processing. By doing so, we aim to deliver electrochemical materials that meet the targets set by the automotive industry, especially the following performance areas:

Cost reduction – more than 50% reduction in cell and pack price
Energy density – a doubling of energy density per cell
Power density – a fourfold increase in power density of each power pack
Safety – improvement in the thermal runaway at pack level to reduce pack complexity
1st life – a doubling in the lifetime of packs from 8 to 15 years
Temperature – a widening of the temperature range over which cells can efficiently operate
Predictability – an improvement in the predictability of performance of in situ and aging batteries
Recyclability – an increase from the current 10-50% recyclability of battery materials to circa 95% levels

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Dr Melanie Loveridge

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