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We conduct research to evidence and develop innovations to understand and improve the psychological and physical wellbeing of workforces.

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As behavioural scientists, we can bring applied psychology knowledge and techniques to help engineers to develop better products. Our aim in this regard is to collaborate with our partners to innovate products that will enhance user wellbeing.

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As the world becomes more digitised, consumer decisions are increasingly informed by online information such as reviews, social media recommendations and news articles. Our expertise in behavioural economics and judgement & decision making allows us to understand how consumers navigate information cues to make choices, and how cognitive limitations may affect these choices.


Behaviour and Wellbeing Science

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We're delivering on two Digital Healthcare Sciences degrees (a full-time and a degree apprenticeship version), that include our expertise in behavioural science across individual well being and choices, supporting others, and clinical practice and research.

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We apply the science of human behaviour, cognition, sensory perception and capability to optimise workplaces, systems and products. Our work is essential to understand and anticipate human interaction with technology, health and wellbeing in the workplace, consumer behaviour and product personalisation.