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Innovative business models

New business model innovation provides greater competitive advantage for a longer period of time compared with product innovation, process innovation or organisation structure redesign.

We focus on the design of innovative businesses models enabled by technology and leveraging trends in society and human behaviour to create economic impact.

Increasingly designers of new products, processes or funders of research require the design of new business models to create impact from the funding as a key criterion of that funding. We have the experience, and expertise, to create many new business models often leveraging the data that is required or generated by digital products and services.


Designing new business models is a necessity to fully leverage the impact of a new technology or method. Classic examples include the Xerox photocopier where predicted demand by consultants was for about a dozen machines. The invention of a hybrid leasing business model now means that we see photocopiers in every office. More recent examples include “Dollar Shave Club” which in less than three years went from zero to a billion dollar sale, by leveraging a subscription model to shaving razors.


Professor Jay Bal

Dr Xiao Ma

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