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Innovate UK funded, to create a new types of 5-axis 3D printer. Our role is to help create maximum economic impact from the innovation.


Key Enabling Technologies for Clean Production (KET4CP) is a Horizon 2020 funded project to support SMEs in adopting key enabling technologies with grants and expert advice and support. We're part of a consortium from 18 European countries, helping SMEs to solve their clean production challenges and - as a result - to stay sustainable, innovative and competitive. By encouraging the use of advanced manufacturing technologies and related key enabling technologies (KETs) their production processes suppose to upgrade towards a more energy- and material- efficient state.

To achieve this, the project aims to create an open innovation ecosystem with a one-stop access platform for cross-border innovation services for manufacturing SMEs through a network of superior ”KETs Technology Centres” (KET TCs) and Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) partners. This will be achieved by facilitating SMEs connectivity to KET TCs through joint project proposals for micro grants.



Innovate UK funded, integrating the post processing operations in metal 3D printing onto a Multi-sided marketplace ( ) to maximise economic impact.


PriVELT: PRIvacy-aware personal data management and Value Enhancement for Leisure Travellers

PriVelt is an EPSRC Cyber Security project to create secure communications for traveller groups, and create economic impact. The consumption of a seamless travel experience requires travellers to share their personal data with numerous individual travel and tourism service providers.The wide spectrum of data sharing with many entities including on social media, instant messaging and other online social platforms makes the situations worse as travellers often cannot see a big picture of how they have shared their data in the past to adapt their data sharing behaviour. PriVELT will address the two-sided challenges associated with offering a seamless and highly personalised end-to-end travel experience while balancing the privacy and security needs of leisure travellers. On the one hand, travel service providers need to identify effective ways to incentivise travellers to share personal data in exchange of tangible benefits such as higher quality service, personalised offers, discounts, or add-on services. On the other hand, travellers need to better manage the sharing of their personal data to minimise privacy-related risks while optimising value from a seamless travel experience. Therefore, PriVELT aims to develop an innovative user-centric and privacy-aware digital platform that will empower leisure travellers to better manage the sharing of their personal data with travel service providers and other entities and foster new business opportunities for the travel and tourism industry through encouraging better (more transparent and effective) usage of travellers' data.


WMG Accelerator

WMG Accelerator Programme is a combination of resources from the High Value Manufacturing catapult, and WMG, the University of Warwick to support early stage businesses with MVP (minimum viable products) to further develop a product / service for market success.  

The WMG Accelerator aim to steer innovations to market demands and target large international businesses. Through such practice, we aim to establish business transformatoin and scale up methodology for innovative businesses. 

Successful applicants to WMG Accelerator Programme will have access to the following: 

  • Access to Facilities for New Product Development
  • World leading Platforms for global scalability 
  • Design specialists 
  • Engineers in Residence 
  • Business model clinic and Market alignment 
  • Growth Hacking Programme 
  • Guided Product Development Sprint 
  • Stipend for outstanding applicants 
  • Membership in Future Leader Network 
  • Access to mentor network 
  • Access to investor network