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News & Events

This page documents media and blog coverage of my research as well as my presentations, interviews, new publications and working papers and any other relevant notable events from September 2015 onwards. Please also see:

  • Impact for more media/press reactions to my work for specific projects (in some cases dating back to 2006).
  • Publications for a full list of my working papers, published work, work in progress and non-technical summaries of my work.

November 2020
    • Purdue University, 6th November.
    • Leicester Business School, 18th November.
October 2020
  • New working paper: Self-awareness and Dishonesty,Warwick Economics Research Papers 1307, 2020, with Ceren Cibik Bengu.
  • Revised version of a working paper: Cultural Identity and Social Capital in Italy, IZA DP 13783, 2020, with Michela Redoano, Federica Liberini, Ben Lockwood, Emanuele Bracco & Francesco Porcelli (updated version of Warwick Economics Research Papers 1283).
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December 2019
  • Media citations for my work on "Happiness & Productivity":
November 2019
October 2019
  • The historical happiness paper has received a very large amount of media coverage including a front page of the Times (15 October), articles in many other major national newspapers and numerous interviews in national radio stations (BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5, BBC World Service, TalkRadio (multiple times) as well as local radio stations). Here is a sample of some of the press coverage:
  • Full list of media coverage for my work on "Historical Happiness" for October:
    • American Spectator 25th October
    • Archynewsy 19th October
    • Big Picture 22nd October
    • Business Mayor 21st October
    • Cato Institute 25th October
    • Conservative Home 31st October
    • Economist 19th October
    • Express 21st October
    • Express and Star 20th October
    • Flowee 23rd October
    • 19th October
    • Glasgow Herald 20th October
    • GQ Italia 23rd October
    • The Guardian 19th October
    • Hardware Upgrade 21st October
    • JDSupra 30th October
    • Mail on Sunday 20th October
    • Money Week 28th October
    • Naked Scientists 26th October
    • Nexo Jornal 29th October
    • 29th October
    • People Management 30th October
    • Smithsonian 19th October
    • 25th October
    • Sunday Times 20th October
    • This Day 30th October
    • This is Money 20th October
    • Us Posts 21st October
    • Waitrose Weekend 25th October
    • Washington Times 21st October
    • World Economic Forum 30th October
    • Yahoo 19th October
    • ABC, 18th October.
    • About Manchester, 16th October.
    • Aleteia, 17th October.
    • Alternet, 17th October.
    •, 15th October.
    • Business Mayor, 15th October.
    • Business Mayor, 16th October.
    • Capital, 16th October.
    • The Conversation, 16th October
    • Daily Express, 15th October
    • Daily Mail, 15th October
    • Daily Mail, 17th October (print)
    • Daily Mail, 17th October
    • Daily Telegraph, 16th October
    •, 18th October
    • Eagle Radio, 16th October
    • Época Negócios, 18th October
    • ForeignAffairs, 17th October
    •, 18th October
    • Global Advisors, 15th October
    • Gold, 16th October
    • The Guardian, 15th October
    • Have I Got News For You (BBC TV), 18th October
    • Heart, 16th October
    • Hipertexual, 15th October
    • The i, 15th October
    • Il Fatto Quotidiano, 15th October
    • The Independent, 15th October
    • Indicator, 18th October
    • KrankenPflege, Journal 15th October
    • LBC, 16th October
    •, 18th October
    • Medical Xpress, 15th October
    • Minster FM, 16th October
    • MIT Technology Review, 15th October
    • Mix 96, 16th October
    • MSN, 15th October
    • News 24, 15th October
    • Newscabal, 15th October
    • Newsweek, 15th October
    • Quartz, 15th October
    • ScienceDaily, 15th October
    • Sky News, 16th October
    • Smooth Radio, 16th October
    • Spire FM, 16th October
    • Spirit FM, 16th October
    • The Sun, 15th October
    • TalkRadio, 15th October
    • TalkRadio, 16th October
    • TalkRadio, 21st October
    • Technology Networks, 16th October
    • Times, 15th October (front page)
    • Times, 15th October
    • Vox, 15th October
    •, 18th October
    • Yahoo, 16th October
    • Yorkshire Coast Radio, 16th October
  • Publication: "Historical analysis of national subjective wellbeing using millions of digitized books" by Thomas Hills, Eugenio Proto, Daniel Sgroi and Chanuki Seresinhe, in Nature Human Behaviour, 14 October 2019.
  • A short non-technical piece on my work on happiness and cooperation, Are happy people more cooperative? Understanding how good mood affects productivity in the workplace, is now out in Advantage magazine.
September 2019
  • The paper Happiness and Cooperation (by Eugenio Proto, Daniel Sgroi and Mahnaz Nazneen) has been accepted for publication by the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. The link is to the earlier working paper version.
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December 2018
November 2018
  • I was part of a panel discussing the ramifications of extended lifespans in the future on 27th November. The event was organized by the School of Life Sciences at Warwick and intended for the general public.
    • Summary of the event here.
    • Some feedback here.
  • Interviewed by Melanie Abbott for BBC Radio 4's "You and Yours" consumer affairs programme on the topic of nudge theory. The full programme is available here.
  • Interviewed by my own department (!) here.
  • Media citations to my work on "Happiness & Productivity":
October 2018
September 2018
August 2018
July 2018
June 2018
May 2018
  • I have been invited to become a research fellow of the leading economic research institute, the IZA Institue of Labor Economics in Bonn.
  • My paper (joint with Andrew Oswald and Eugenio Proto), entitled Happiness and Productivity which was published in the Journal of Labor Economics in 2015, remains in the top 3 most read papers in the Journal of Labor Economics despite now being 3 years old (and was the most cited paper in the journal in 2015, with over 500 cites on Google scholar).
  • Media citations to my work on "Happiness & Productivity":
March 2018
  • Presentation: The Effect of Positive Mood on Cooperation in the Repeated Prisoners' Dilemma, Royal Economic Society Annual Conference 2018, University of Sussex.
  • The answers to last month's World Wellbeing Panel survey have been posted online. The questions concern gender and wellbeing and the panel's answers can be found here: WWP survey. Here are my responses:
    • Question 1: Do you agree that on balance, clear and distinct gender roles (whatever they are) decrease the average wellbeing of the population?
    • Response: Agree. I am not aware of a huge amount of work in this area, but recent research by Heather Brown and Jennifer Roberts at Sheffield based on data from the British Household Panel Survey may provide some relevant guidance. For example, if women earn more than their husbands but still do more housework (perhaps because of the pressure on them to also act as homemakers) their wellbeing suffers. Similarly, males who see themselves as breadwinners have lower wellbeing when their wives earn more than they do. This suggests that gender biases based on traditional roles are persistent and damaging to wellbeing, especially in the face of welcome increases in equality in the workplace.
    • Question 2: Do you agree that an active policy that discourages any particular gender role narrative is likely to increase the average wellbeing of the population?
    • Response: Agree. Following on from my earlier answer, while there is not an overwhelming amount of research in this area (which suggests that we need more), what there is does seem consistent with common sense: it appears that gender role stereotyping puts pressure on both males and females and policy designed to overcome this is likely to help wellbeing.
February 2018
January 2018
December 2017
  • Media citations:
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December 2015
November 2015
  • This month I received a commendation by the University of Warwick at the Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence awards ceremony.
  • Presentation: Historical Analysis of Wellbeing to "Stan's Cafe" theatre company.
  • Media coverage of my work on "Happiness & Productivity": Il Denario Puo Comparae La Felicita, Insider Pro (in Italian).
  • Blog coverage of my owrk on "Happiness & Productivity":
  • Congratulations to my PhD students:
    • David Ronayne for passing his PhD viva and winning a Research Fellowship at Nuffield College (University of Oxford).
    • Thanos Athanasopoulos for getting a tenure-track Lectureship (Assistant Professorship) at Leicester Business School.
October 2015
September 2015