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LMI for All: Government careers strategy

career Strategy screen shotAn ongoing project, managed from IER since 2012, features in the Government's new Careers Strategy, published December, 2017. This Careers Strategy is part of the government’s plan 'to make Britain fairer, improve social mobility and offer opportunity to everyone'.

The Careers Strategy endorses the importance of 'LMI for All' as an authoritative source of labour market information to support career transitions into and through the labour market:

'The ‘LMI for All’ (Labour Market Information (LMI) for All) website provides one place to access multiple sources of robust LMI. It is being used successfully by developers to create careers apps and websites to help inform people who want information about their careers options. LMI for All data is also used in the job profiles on the National Careers Service website'. (p. 32)

A commitment is also given by Government to support and promote 'LMI for All':

Government has renewed the contract for LMI for All, so that people will continue to have up-to-date information about local labour markets. We will continue to promote the use of the service, and encourage the design of new apps and websites to help people navigate this information.

Mon 05 February 2018, 15:16 | Tags: labour market information