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Beyond the National Living Wage - further proposals for addressing low pay

Improving conditions for those who are low paid should be at the heart of a socially just labour market policy says a ReWAGE sub-group.

In its latest policy brief, ReWAGE welcomes the government’s decision to increase the living wage, adjust the Universal Credit taper, and its commitment to reduce the qualifying age for the National Living Wage – but says that more needs to be done and puts forward six recommendations for changes in public policy to help the low-paid.

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Recovering better - improving mental health in the workplace

ReWAGE’s most recent policy brief argues that there is an urgent need to reduce rising levels of mental ill-health in the workplace and to help organisations retain and integrate employees with mental conditions.

Our experts recommend that the government considers requiring employers to report on work-related risk factors for mental health in their annual company reports. These figures should include evidence from employees, presented by major occupational groups and by gender.

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