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PhD in Employment Research

The work of the Institute for Employment Research is diverse and provides wide ranging opportunities for prospective doctoral candidates to engage in high quality social science research.

The IER’s doctoral programme aims to train social science researchers who can develop and deploy theory effectively, appreciate the relative merits of different methodological approaches, choose appropriate empirical methods, manage well their time and other research resources, and have a wider understanding of the research process (including dissemination, funding, relationships with sponsors, and different organisational models for research).

Supervision for IER doctoral students will be provided by academic researchers with significant experience of undertaking research across a range of topics in employment research.

The IER has extensive links with international research centres; UK government departments and agencies; European Commission and other international bodies; local authorities and sectoral organisations. Where appropriate, a interdisciplinary approach is encouraged and comparative international research can be facilitated through the Institute’s extensive collaborative links, especially with international institutions.

Examples of current research interests of the IER’s academic researchers

  • Socio-economic change and the labour market
  • Careers, learning and skills development
  • Labour market assessment and forecasting
  • European integration and comparative international studies
  • Globalisation and labour markets
  • Local and regional development
  • Labour market classification, measurement and monitoring
  • Graduate labour market
  • Labour market transitions across the life cycle

Examples of methodological expertise available in the IER

  • Qualitative studies of labour market behaviour based on case studies and in-depth interviews
  • Quantitative economic analysis using time-series or large-scale cross-sectional survey data
  • Big data analysis
  • Secondary data analysis
  • Survey-based sociological research

Any Questions?

If you have any questions that we have been unable to answer on this web page, please email ierphd at warwick dot ac dot uk.