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IER Publications 2024


Kobayashi, C., Warner, P. and Dickinson, P. (2024). Spelling it out, making it count. AELP.

Taylor, P. (2024). Essential capabilities for managing an aged care workforce. Australian Association of Gerontology Melbourne.

Book chapters

Wright, T., Conley, H. and Sarter, E.K. (2024). Using public procurement to promote equality in employment: assessment of the evidence from Australia, South Africa and the UK. Forson, C., Healy, G., Öztürk,
M.B. and Tatli, A. (eds.) (2024): Research Handbook on Inequalities and Work. Elgar Handbooks on Inequality. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, pp. 179-194.


Green, F., Lee, S., Zou, M., and Zhou, Y. (2024). Work and life: the relative importance of job quality for general well-being, and implications for social surveys. Socio-Economic Review. Oxford Academics.

Im Jie, Z., Larsen, T. and Pircher, B. (2024). European Social Dialogues: Shaping EU Social Policy through Parental Leave Rights. ILR review, online first. Sage Journals.


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