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IER Covid-19 Research and insight


While Covid-19 restrictions have now been lifted, the virus still has an impact on areas of our lives, including work. This website brings together IER blogs, publications and projects related to Covid-19, and will continue to be updated.

Atfield, G., Baldauf, B. and Kispeter, E. (2021) Mitigating the impacts of COVID-19. Rapid evidence review - Education, childcare and social work and related social care workforce.

Publication: 9 SEPTEMBER 2021

Henry N., Barker V., Sissons P., Broughton K., Dickinson P., Lazell J. and Angus T. (2021) Mind the Understanding Gap: The Value of Creative Freelancers. Final report

Publication: 25 AUGUST 2021

ReWAGE: Renewing Work Advisory Group of Experts

Project: 10 AUGUST 2021

Purcell, K., Elias, P., Atfield, G., Kispeter, E., Day, R. and Poole, S. (2021) Covid 19 and graduate careers.

Publication: 13 JULY 2021

Warren, T. , Lyonette, C. and the Women's Budget Group (2021) Carrying the work burden of the Covid-19 pandemic: working class women in the UK
A more recent podcast is available here.

Publication: 22 JUNE 2021

Mitigating impacts of Covid-19 - rapid evidence reviews

Project - 25 MAY 2021

Dickinson, P., Cardenas Rubio, J., Hogarth, T., Owen, D., Sarkar, S. and Warhurst, C. (2021) Skills Analysis Report. A report prepared for Sheffield City Region (section on the impact of Covid-19)
Publication - MAY 2021

Henry, N., Barker, V., Sissons, P., Broughton, K., Lazell, J., and Dickinson, P. (2021) Building Back Better? Creative Freelancers and Learning from the Covid-19 Experience Throughout the pandemic. Interim report

Publication - 18 MAY 2021

Green jobs in the Liverpool City Region

Project - 5 MAY 2021

Degrees of Advantage? A longer-term investigation of the careers of UK graduates (with a supplementary study covering the experiences during the pandemic)

Project - 29 APRIL 2021

Wafaa Elmezraoui: Information and communication technologies and work-life balance, before and post Covid-19.

ResResearch (PhD) - 29 APRIL 2021

Jonna Octavia: How informal workers organise and mobilise in the internet age (including outputs focusing on the implications of Covid 19)

Research (PhD) - 29 APRIL 2021

Hogarth, T. (2021) Covid-19 and the demand for labour and skills in Europe. Early evidence and implications for migration policy.

Publication - 19 FEBRUARY 202

Dickinson, P., Hogarth, T. and Cardenas Rubio, J. (2020). How Employers Set Pay For Apprentices. Low Pay Commission (section on the impact of Covid-19)

Publication - NOVEMBER 2020

Dickinson, P. (2020). Future Proofing Apprenticeships. (section on the impact of Covid-19)

Publication - November 2020

Covid-19 lockdown and migrant workers: Survey of vocational trainees from Bihar and Jharkhand

Blog - 25 NOVEMBER 2020

We’re all in this together: Strategies for achieving employee retention during COVID-19

Blog - 19 OCTOBER 2020

Warren, T. and Lyonette, C. (2020) Carrying the work burden of the COVID-19 pandemic: working class women in the UK. Briefing Note 1: Employment and mental health.

Publication - 13 OCTOBER 2020

Will the Job Support Scheme Work?

  • Blog - 2 OCTOBER 2020

Covid-19: Employer incentives for apprenticeships

Project - 30 SEPTEMBER 2020

Time to rethink the design of jobs so that they deliver good health for workers

Blog - 18 SEPTEMBER 2020

Beck, V., Fuertes, V., Kamerāde, D., Lyonette, C. & Warren, T. (2020) ‘Working Lives’, in M. Parker (ed.) Life after Covid: the other side of the crisis. Bristol University Press

Publication - 12 AUGUST 2020

Impact of Covid-19 on job quality in the Australian hospitality industry

Project - 31 JULY 2020

What might happen to Apprenticeships in England during the Covid-19 economic downturn?

Blog - 27 JULY 2020

Job growth and job quality: Harnessing the potential of the Social Economy in the post-Covid recovery

Blog - 22 JULY 2020

Carrying the work burden of the Covid-19 pandemic: working class women in the UK 

Project - 17 JULY 2020

Keep up the good work – planning a way out of the Covid-driven jobs crisis

Blog - 16 JULY 2020

A tale of two job vacancies: waitering and nursing

Blog - 16 JUNE 2020

Towards a national database of the informal sector: pandemic response and future recommendations for Indonesia

Blog - 10 JUNE 2020

'The shape of things to come?'

Blog - 01 JUNE 2020

The role of lifelong career guidance in a new and changing labour market

Blog - 30 MAY 2020

What is the future of youth skill-building in developing countries in the post Covid-19 era?

Blog - 24 MAY 2020

Supporting and engaging parents and carers with careers advice to young people in their care

Blog - 17 MAY 2020

Profiling of job seekers to help target support

Blog - 12 MAY 2020

What are the implications of COVID-19 for Coventry and Warwickshire?

Blog - 7 MAY 2020

Measuring the share of workers in work-from-home and close personal proximity occupations in a developing country 

Blog - 28 APRIL 2020

Do the self-employed have a future in the UK?

Blog - 20 APRIL 2020

Managing flexible working: learning to cope with the new normal?

Blog - 8 APRIL 2020


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