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PhD students

IER's PhD students:
  • Mohammed Adbullahi,
  • Jeisson Arley Cardenas Rubio, A web-based approach to measure skill mismatches and skills profiles for a developing country: the case of Colombia
  • Mags Bexon, The use of information communications technology (ICT) and labour market intelligence (LMI) in careers education and guidance
  • Rebeka Bolagh, Investigating mechanisms between precarious employment and workers’ mental health. A longitudinal approach
  • Bhaskar Chakravorty, Improving skills in Bihar: Field experiment to reduce attrition for skill-based training programmes and improve job uptake and retention
  • Sharon Chohan, New Public Management and its impact on the Voluntary Sector: a case study of youth unemployment services in Coventry
  • Wafaa Elmezraoui, How does personality type affect ICT usage for workers? A comparative study on optimising work-life enrichment in a multi-national company in the UK and Germany
  • Andreana Glendinning, Investigating barriers to military veterans entering civilian employment with an emphasis on gender and social inequalities
  • Tannis Goddard, On-line Career Counselling
  • Barbara Janta, Impact of family formation on Polish migrants' settlement in the United Kingdom
  • Lorraine Johnson, The Influence of Intermediary Systems on Public Sector Transitions During a Period of Austerity
  • Joanna Octavia, Add me to the group: How informal workers organise in the internet age
  • Rebecca Wilde, Nursing labour supply in the UK
  • Jon Winfield, Understanding employer delivery of good work in the UK
  • Jiang Yang, Exploring the relationship between innovation and job quality: evidence from China
  • Xiaotong Zhang, What are enablers, constraints, processual mechanisms and methods of female self-employment and female entrepreneurship in Beijing?

Find out more about our IER alumni who have been awarded their PhD in Employment Research on the IER doctoral alumni pages.

The following are some of the posters IER PhD students have completed: