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PhD students

IER's PhD students:

  • Jeisson Arley Cardenas Rubio, Building a methodological approach for occupational matching and skills profiles for a developing country: the case of Colombia.
  • Mags Bexon, The use of information communications technology (ICT) and labour market intelligence (LMI) in careers education and guidance
  • Sharon Chohan, Addressing youth unemployment: the evolving contribution of the voluntary sector.
  • Matthew Cooper, Youth unemployment in policy discourse: a tale of two recessions in the West Midlands.
  • Dorothee Gnaedinger, Socio-economic factors influencing private pension provision in the Next Eleven Economies (or N-11).
  • Tannis Goddard, On-line Career Counselling.
  • John Gough, Professional Identity: The case of English Careers Guidance Practitioners.
  • Barbara Janta, The reproductive behaviours of Polish migrants in the UK and the potential socio-economic implications of migrants’ fertility behaviour on the labour market, demography, public services and development of social and public policies relating to these issues in the UK and in Poland.
  • Lorraine Johnson, Does England's nationally funded career support systems (on and offline) meet the needs of late career professional women navigating the labour market?
  • Mohd Onn Rashdi Abd Patah, Developing a career in the Malaysian hotel industry: A narrative analysis of the career experiences of local middle managers.
  • Szilvia Schmitsek, Dropout-rate reducing strategies in England, Denmark and Hungary.
  • Olga Siemers, Skills for here or to take away? Analysing the career trajectories of mobile PhD graduates in Europe.
  • Rebecca Wilde, Nursing labour supply in the UK.
  • Sally Wright, Conceptualising and operationalising job quality in Australia.
  • Jiang Yang, Exploring the relationship between innovation and job quality: evidence from China.

Find out more about our IER alumni who have been awarded their PhD in Employment Research on the IER doctoral alumni pages.

The following are some of the posters IER PhD students have completed: