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IER Emily Erickson - Publications

Berglund, L. and Erickson, E. (2021) Transportation justice is needed throughout the supply chain. Progressive City Magazine.

Erickson, E. (2021). Are Good Jobs Possible In The Deep South: Report on Anniston, Alabama A Southern Manufacturing Community.

Erickson, E. (2020). Citizens of Heaven Political Participation of Undocumented Americans. eJournal of Public Affairs, 9(2).

Ajayi, A., Erickson, E., & Oluwoye, J. (2020). Urban Design of On-Street Stops and Road Environments: A Conceptual Framework. Pacific International Journal 2(1), 9-23.

Berglund, L., Erickson, E. & Saramiento, H. (2017). A Report on the PhD Experience: Calling for a Dialogue on Diversity, Labor Practices, and the Future of Social Justice Scholarship. Critical Planning Journal, 23.

Erickson, E., Narro, V., Shadduck, J., Abel, H., & Abel, V. Jr. (2016). Conveying Carwash Owners’ Stories: Competition, Diversity and Growth in the Southern California Carwash Industry. UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education.

Erickson, E., Mendez, T. & Nichols, P. (2009). The Economics of Migration: Agriculture, Remittances, and Investment. In W. Cornelius and D. Fitzgerald (Ed.), Migration from the Mexican Mixteca: A Transnational Community in Oaxaca and California. CCIS Anthologies. Boulder, CO, Lynne Rienner Publishers.