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Professor Kate Purcell - Conference presentations


  • Purcell, K., 'After the higher education degree: paths of study and work-based learning in Italy and in the international context' at AlmaLaurea Conference 2012 , Aula Magna, University of Roma La Sapienza [Invited Speaker]


  • Purcell, K. (2011) 'Human Capital and Employment in the European and Mediterranean Area' at AlmaLaurea Conference, Aula Magna Santa Lucia - Via Castiglione 36, Bologna 10-11 March 2011
  • Purcell, K., 'International Conferences Employability of Graduates & Higher Education Management Systems ' at DEHEMS , Vienna, Austria. [Invited Speaker] [view]


  • Purcell, K. (2010) 'HE Advice in a Cold Climate' at Aimhigher Birmingham and Solihull HE Advisers Conference, University of Birmingham, 21 April 2010
  • Purcell, K. (2010) 'Flexible employment, student labour and the changing structure of the UK labour market in university cities' at Metropolis and Inequalities I at the Centro Brasiliero de Analise e Planejamento (Cebrap), Sao Paulo, Brazil, 25-26 March 2010
  • Purcell, K. (2010) 'Higher education expansion in the UK: what has been the impact of graduate earnings and access to career opportunities?' at UKCES Skills Convention 2010, 'Skills, Jobs, Growth', London, 8-9 February 2010


  • Purcell, K. (2009) 'The relationship between higher education, economic development and patterns of employment: using mixed methods to measure the socio-economic impact of change' at UK-China Pathfinder Workshop on Economic Restructuring, Higher Education and Social Equality, Beijing Normal University, 17-18 December 2009
  • Purcell, K. (2009) 'Higher education expansion and the graduate earnings premium as a policy indicator' at Development Research Centre of the State Council of the PRC/UK ESRC-RCUK Research Councils UK China Office, UK-China Workshop on Education, Employment and the Labour Market, Beijing, China, 16 December 2009
  • Behle, H. and Purcell, K. ‘Studying in the UK. The motivation, profile and experiences of European and other overseas students studying on full-time undergraduate courses in the UK’ at 2nd Conference on the European Labour Market for Academic Graduates, Maastricht University, Maastricht, 22-24 October 2009
  • Purcell, K. and Elias, P. ‘Evidence from UK longitudinal studies: the impact of higher education expansion on equality of opportunity’ at DECOWE: Development of Competencies in the World of Work and Education, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, 24-26 September 2009

  • Elias, P. and Purcell, K. ‘Occupational change and the expansion of Higher Education in the UK: the impact on graduate earnings’ at DECOWE: Development of Competencies in the World of Work and Education, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, 24-26 September 2009

  • Purcell, K. and Elias, P. ‘Higher education expansion in the UK: the impact on graduate earnings and gender inequalities’ at The New World of Work, Organisations and Employment, 15th World Congress of the International Industrial Relations Association, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Sydney, Australia, 24-27 August 2009
  • Purcell, K. ‘To university and beyond...tracking higher education applicant decision making from sixth form or college to higher education and employment’ at From admission to employment - helping your applicants make informed higher education choices, University of Swansea, 21 May 2009


  • Purcell, K. ‘Higher Education: gendered processes, outcomes and implications for human development’ at HCDA Annual Conference, Delhi, India, 10-13 September 2008
  • Purcell, K. ‘Futuretrack and the search for undergraduate talent’ at American National Association of Careers Advisers and Employers (NACE) Annual Conference, New Orleans, USA, 27-30 May 2008
  • Purcell, K. ‘The relationship between higher education, economic development and social change’ at The Warwick South Asia Workshops: Institutions, Poverty and Growth, University of Warwick, UK, 14 April 2008
  • Purcell, K. ‘Courses, qualifications and career choices: does higher education amplify or reduce gender inequalities?’ at Gender, Class, Employment and Family International Conference, City University, London, 27-28 March 2008
  • Purcell, K. ‘Careers and Choices - Some questions about the concept of career raised by recent higher education and graduate employment research’ at Work commitment and career outlook, Institute of Education, London, UK, 7 January 2008


  • Purcell, K. ‘Applying for Higher Education - Career Choices and Plans’ at AGCAS Biennial conference, University of Birmingham, 5th September 2007
  • Purcell, K. ‘Higher education expansion in the UK: the impact on graduate earnings and gender inequalities’ selected as refereed paper at EC-funded International Conference on Expected and Unexpected Consequences of Educational Expansion, Ascona, Switzerland, 8-13 July 2007
  • Purcell, K. ‘The Futuretrack study and change in the graduate labour market’ at The Royal Society Higher education Working Group, 26th April 2007


  • Purcell, K. ‘Graduates in “the knowledge economy” - labour market experiences of recent UK graduates’ at European Labour Market international conference Will Higher Education be ready for the European Labour Market? Competencies, Mobility & Employability after the Sorbonne-Bologna Process. Maastricht University, 19-21 October 2006
  • Purcell, K. ‘Breaking through the glass ceiling? Progress towards equality among highly qualified women’ at European Equal Opportunities Conference Equal is not enough: Dealing with opportunities in a diverse society, University of Antwerp, 14-16 September 2006
  • Purcell, K. ‘Is it worth studying for a degree? Evidence from the graduate labour market’ at Beyond higher education – helping students make the most of their investment, UCAS conference, Inmarsat Conference Centre, London, 31 January 2006


  • Purcell, K. ‘Achieving Equality in the Knowledge Economy’ at ESRC Gender Network conference Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Women and Employment Survey - Changes in Women's Employment 1980-2005, DTI conference Centre, London, 5 December 2005
  • Purcell, K. ‘The Class of '99: Key findings and implications for employers’, at Higher education Academy Employers' Group, London, December 2005
  • Purcell, K. ‘The Class of '99: a study of the early careers of recent graduates’, at Institute of Directors, London, 27 October 2005 
  • Purcell, K. ‘HE Expansion and trends in graduate employment: the big issues’ at AGCAS Biennial Conference, University of Warwick, September 2005
  • Purcell, K. ‘Deconstructing graduate careers: individual, joint and collective decision making in the transition from higher education to employment’ at 21st EGOS Colloquium, Freie Universität, Berlin, 2 July 2005
  • Purcell, K. ‘Higher education and Employment: mapping the careers of graduates’ at ESRC Research Week, London, 22 May 2005
  • Purcell, K. ‘Is Age a problem in graduate recruitment? - Evidence from the graduate perspective’ at Association of Graduate Recruiters'(AGR) Age Discrimination and the Impact of Legislation for Employers, London, 9 May 2005
  • Purcell, K. ‘Northern Ireland’s graduates : the classes of ’95 and ‘99’’ at Department of Employment and Learning, Labour Market Seminar No.31, Belfast, 20 April 2005
  • Purcell, K. ‘Graduate Careers Seven Years On: beyond the transition from HE to employment’ at UCAS/HECSU 'What do graduates do?', Birmingham, 27 January 2005
  • Purcell, K. ‘What happens next? The longer term picture for graduates’ at Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS) Plenary Address to Annual Meeting of Heads of HE Careers Services, Sheffield, 11 January 2005


  • Purcell, K. ‘Graduate jobs and jobs graduates do: experience, expectations and outcomes through the lens of gender’, at Annual Conference of the Society for Research on Higher Education (SRHE), Bristol, 14 December 2004
  • Purcell, K. ‘Skills, economic growth and the relationship between education and employment in ‘The Knowledge Society’’, at Workers Participation Development Centre The Future of Work: Trends in European Work Organisations funded by the Friedrich Stiftung Foundation, Sliema, Malta, 26 November 2004
  • Purcell, K. ‘The Earnings of Graduates in their Early Careers’ at European Association of Labour Economists (EALE), Lisbon, 10 September 2004
  • Purcell, K. ‘Careers and Partners: Choices and Constraints in Career Development’ at Work, Employment and Society, University of Manchester, 1-3 September 2004
  • Purcell, K. and Koene, B. ‘Selling people and skills: opportunities and constraints in managing the individualised employment relationship’ at European Group for Organisational Studies (EGOS), Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1 July 2004


  • Purcell, K. ‘Equal opportunities, higher education and gender divisions at work and in households’ at European Sociological Association (Gender and social welfare stream), Murcia, September 2003
  • Purcell, K. ‘Education, Skills and Economic Restructuring’ at European Sociological Association (Economic Sociology stream), Murcia, September 2003


  • Purcell, K. ‘Why do workers use temporary work agencies?’ Presentation to members of the Temporary Work Agencies Directive Working Party as spokesperson for the NUEWO team, European Parliament, Brussels, 11 September 2002