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Danya Nusseir

Danya Nusseir started her PhD at the IER in 2020 exploring the role of digital literacy in integrating marginalised communities. In her research, Danya focuses on Arab refugee women access to labour markets in Jordan, Lebanon and the UK. She is in the process of conducting her fieldwork, and has just completed fieldwork in Jordan and about to start fieldwork in the UK.

Danya holds a BSc (2006) in Computer Science and Business Administration from the University of Kent, an MBA (2014) from the University of Kingston; and has also completed an MSc. (2020) in Social Policy and Social Research from University College London (UCL).

She has over six years of experience in research, focusing on Information Communication Technology (ICT) and media in the Arab World and published over 190 research reports on the ICT and media markets in the MENA region. Prior to starting her MSc, Danya was the Chief Operating Officer of a digital agency in Jordan.


Research interests:

Marginalized/disadvantage communities, refugees, employment, education, ICT and its use, digital technology, digital literacy, equal opportunities, social development, and policy.