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Gianni Anelli Lopez

Gianni Anelli Lopez started his PhD at the IER in 2020, investigating trends on skills demanded by employers in the labour market in Chile. Nowadays the automatization of work is a phenomenon that is rising all over the world as one of the factors shaping in new ways the skills needed in the workplace. In this scenario, the use of new techniques such as text mining and machine learning over online labour platforms kept his attention. These techniques could give faster ways to analyse data from the labour market in a complementary way to the information from social surveys, hoping to deliver appropriate recommendations to train workers in new skills required.

Gianni holds a BSc (2013) in Social Sciences and Master's degree in Sociology (2016) from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. In both degrees, he was interested in topics about Higher Education and the subsequent transition to the world of work during his master's thesis.

After graduating, Gianni worked for four years at the Centre for Public Policy of the same university in research related to technical-professional education and the several mismatches of skills in the labour market in Chile.


Research interests:

Areas of interest are automation and the impact on the labour market, public policies on employment and the use of data science techniques in public policy issues.


Anelli, G. (2023). But which skills? : Natural Language Processing tools and the identification of high-demand skills in online job advertisements. Work Organisation, Labour & Globalisation, Volume 17, Issue 2, 17:2, pp. 91-104.