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Rebeka Balogh

Rebeka Balogh started her joint EUTOPIA PhD at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium) and the IER in 2019. In her dissertation, she is investigating the impact of precarious employment on workers’ mental health in a longitudinal manner and the role of household-level deprivation as a mediating factor. She holds a BA in Sociology from Corvinus University of Budapest and an MSc in Public Policy and Human Development from Maastricht University, with a specialisation in social protection. Her Master’s thesis focused on the feminisation of multidimensional poverty in Hungary. Prior to commencing her joint PhD, Rebeka gained experience working in social policy at the EU-level and then joined the VUB as a junior researcher.

Research interests:

Employment quality; precarious employment; poverty; gender.


Balogh, R., S. Gadeyne, J. Jonsson, S. Sarkar, K. Van Aerden, C. Warhurst and C. Vanroelen (2022). Employment trajectories and mental health-related disability in Belgium. International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health.