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Sangwoo Lee - Publications

Green, F. and Lee, S. "'Bad jobs' in Europe: Derivation and analysis of a wellbeing-related job quality threshold" forthcoming

Hong, Q. and Lee, S. "A gloomy future for Chinese graduates? Comparing the effects of higher education expansion on college wage premiums in China and South Korea." forthcoming

Hartmann, E. and Lee, S. "The segregation of British transnational higher education" forthcoming

Lee, S. and Green, F. "Job quality in South Korea: Progress or decline?" forthcoming

Yong, A. and Lee, S. "The socioeconomic gap in the development of adolescents' occupational aspirations: Longitudinal evidence from South Korea" forthcoming

Green, F., Lee, S., Zhou, Y. & Zou, M. "Work and life: The comparative importance of job quality for general well-being" Socio-Economic Review. forthcoming

Lee, S. (2022). “Does university level the playing field? Impacts of spatial inequalities on the gap in the earnings of similar graduates: Evidence from the United Kingdom.” Higher Education Policy.

Lee, S. and Vignoles, A. (2021). “Does college level the playing field? Socioeconomic gaps in the earnings of similar graduates: Evidence from South Korea.Higher Education.

Lee, S. (2021). “A social ladder or a glass floor? The role of higher education in intergenerational social mobility: Empirical evidence from South Korea.Higher Education Policy.

Media Coverage: Times Higher Education (THE); Inside Higher Ed; EBS; ACPA

Lee, S. and Song, M. (2018). “The socioeconomic ceiling and perceived employability in higher education.Korean Journal of Youth Studies, 25(11). 231-258.