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Council Tax Debt: Exploring a Hidden 'Crisis', 2005-2006


Funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, this project investigated council tax debt. It established the extent of council tax debt, the relationship between income and property value, and the incidence of people with low incomes living in high value properties. The research made a major contribution to policy debate, particularly highlighting the impact of local tax on low wage households. The project was also of relevance to concerns about increasing personal indebtedness. The research featured significantly in the report of the Lyons Inquiry into Local Government and the findings attracted considerable media interest e.g. Daily Mail and BBC. Michael Orton was interviewed on the BBC Working Lunch programme and appeared as an expert witness before the Department for Communities and Local Government Committee Inquiry into Council Tax Benefit.

Research report

Orton, M. (2006) Struggling to pay council tax: A new perspective on the debate about local taxation, York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

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      IER Researcher:

      Michael Orton