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Apprenticeships: evaluation of surveys of employers and individuals

This project, to undertake surveys of apprentices and employers of apprentices, provides an opportunity to fill a significant information gap about the benefits of Apprenticeships to individuals, employers and the State. The survey will build upon recommendations made to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills with respect to the evaluation of Apprenticeships, and will consider issues of additionality, deadweight and equity during the three stages of the Apprenticeship – prior to the Apprenticeship, during the period of training and in the post-Apprenticeship period. The project is being led by IFF Research, with IER contributing to survey design and data analysis.

Copies of the relevant reports are available by following the links below:

Evaluation of Apprenticeships: Employers
Evaluation of Apprenticeships: Learners

Principal Investigator:

Terence Hogarth

Project Team:

Lynn Gambin

Project Duration:

August 2011 - November 2011

Project Partner:

 IFF Research

Project Sponsor:

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills