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Buckinghamshire skills study

This project aims to define skills issues and problems in Buckinghamshire and recommend policy responses, noting where actions can be taken to resolve the challenges identified at county level and indicating where action at other levels (e.g. national level) would be necessary. This involves considering issues facing Buckinghamshire employers in aggregate, and by sector, size of firm and location (local authority area), and comparing Buckinghamshire issues vis-à-vis national issues and priorities.

Other objectives of the study are to:

  • quantify the costs to businesses of deficiencies in skills provision
  • examine the extent of skills provision for Buckinghamshire residents being undertaken outside Buckinghamshire
  • understand the context for economic inactivity and unemployment amongst young people aged 18-24 years in Buckinghamshire
  • understand the role of work experience in addressing worklessness and in helping local employers to assess the contribution of potential workers
  • identify what solutions Buckinghamshire employers are adopting to access the skilled workers they need – with particular focus on ‘importing’ skilled workers from elsewhere in the UK and beyond, and on training and skills development of local residents
  • pay particular attention to ways in which growth can be supported in key sectors (including space, creative industries, and assistive technology).

Principal Investigator:
Anne Green

Project Team:
Clare Lyonette
Terence Hogarth
David Owen

September 2011 - December 2011

Buckinghamshire Business First