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Content editing and maintenance of SSC-derived labour market information

The purpose of this project was to provide accessible, sector specific, high quality labour market information (LMI) and occupational information to assist the national Careers Advice Service (CAS) and Next Step advisers to help adult clients make informed choices about learning and work opportunities.

The overall aim was: to produce bite-sized, occupational careers and LMI articles from the Sector Skills Councils’ core information, in a format which could be hosted on CAS’s Advice Resources website and would be suitable for use by advisers, working with clients, either face-to-face or via the telephone.

The key objectives that follow from this primary aim were to:

  • produce short, specific careers and labour market information for each SSC subsector from the core information using information already available from the Sector Skills Council;
  • produce the information in appropriate language and in a consistent format which can be accessed electronically and easily navigated by advisers; and
  • produce information that can be used in either face-to-face or telephone consultations with customers and can be printed for clients to take away.

The project was undertaken in partnership with DMH Associates. The IER team have significant expertise and experience in researching and summarising labour market information, then making it available through internet platforms to the broad community of guidance practice. Our approach met the project brief by ensuring that the LMI produced by the Sector Skills Councils is both accessible and available in a summary form that is appropriate for use by practitioners to use with their clients.

The LMI bitesize factsheets can now be accessed on the Next Step website.

Project duration: 2009-2010

IER project team:

Jenny Bimrose

Sally-Anne Barnes


This project was undertaken in partnership with:

Deirdre Hughes

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