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International policy and practice review: how do cities lead an inclusive growth agenda?

There is increasing concern about how to generate inclusive growth following the economic crisis.

The relatively centralised system of governance and accountability in the UK means that there has been limited scope to date for policy makers and city leaders to set bold new agendas to innovate in developing and implementing an inclusive growth agenda. The recent establishment of new local institutional structures and the devolution of funding and greater responsibility to local areas to support economic growth provide potential opportunities for UK cities to lead, shape and implement inclusive growth strategies.

This research aimed to identify international examples of cities that have developed an inclusive growth agenda, in order to generate evidence and ideas that could influence UK city leaders.

The project examined good practice and challenges regarding the:

  • framing;
  • design;
  • implementation;
  • impact; and
  • transferability of inclusive growth strategies.

Elements of the project included:

  • an evidence review;
  • case studies of inclusive growth strategies and related initiatives for selected cities outside the UK;
  • synthesis and compilation of learning points.


Green, A.E., Kispeter, E., Sissons, P. and Froy, F. (2017) How international cities lead an inclusive growth agendas. York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation. ( A summary is also available).

City reports are available for:








US, Cleveland

US, New York

US, Portland

US, San Antonio

Cities outside Europe and the US

Project team:

Anne Green - Principal Investigator
Erika Kispeter

Project Duration:

January 2016 - September 2016

Project partner:

Paul Sissons, Coventry University

Francesca Froy, Independent Consultant

Project Funder:

Joseph Rowntree Foundation