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Changing employment structure and implications for poverty and inequality

The overall aim of this project, funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, is to identify the implications of changing economic structure and related employment patterns for the distribution of pay and thereby household incomes. The underlying hypothesis is that the distribution of incomes is driven (inter alia) by the industrial and occupational structure of employment, and the distribution of pay across occupations within industries. Of course many other factors influence the distribution of household income and poverty, but the prime focus of this study will be on the influence of the changing structure of employment in the formal economy. The project will link to the latest Working Futures projections and draw out the implications of changing employment structures for income inequality and poverty.

This project is being undertaken in collaboration with the Institute for Fiscal Studies and Sheffield University.

Full project report available here.

Presentations of results at:

Welsh Labour Market 2020 (22 November 2012)

Welfare to Work Scotland 2012 (20 September 2012)


Project duration:

January 2011 - November 2011

IER Project Team:

Rob Wilson - Principal Investigator

Lynn Gambin

David Owen

Anne Green

Michael Orton

Project Sponsor:

Joseph Rowntree Foundation