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Researching best practice of how to write and upload FSSC's LMI

This project was to support Financial Services Skills Council (FSSC) in researching best practice of how to write and upload the FSSC's current labour market intelligence (LMI) onto the National Guidance Research Forum (NGRF) website under the 'LMI Future Trends section. Key deliverables of the project were: FSSC LMI being made available to the wider audience via the NGRF website; and an agreed protocol for the FSSC with the NGRF that could then be distributed to the SSC network as ‘best practice’ in relation to how to format LMI for upload on the site.


  • Updated and extended LMI on financial services sector, which was loaded on the NGRF website
  • Production of two 'How to guides...' for the NGRF on data sources and styles

Project duration: 2008

IER project team:

Sally-Anne Barnes


Financial Services Skills Council

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