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Simulation Techniques for Applied General Equilibrium Modelling

28 January- 1 February, 13:30-17:00 (with 30 min. break); 25 February – 1 March, 13:30-17:00 (with 30 min. break)

Erez Yerushalmi,, 2013, Research Fellow, Institute for Employment Research in the University of Warwick

Course Objective:

To provide graduate students in economics with the mathematical and computer skills required to develop and analyse large-scale numerical general equilibrium models. Students will be able to analyse the effects of economic policy (e.g. taxes and trade barriers) on factor and commodity markets, production, prices and household welfare. We will use GAMS/MPSGE as our main programming language.

30 hours of student contact through lectures and computer seminars.


The tutorial is open to ISET graduate students and ISET alumni. It is assumed that students following this tutorial have a good understanding of microeconomic theory. In addition, students are expected to be comfortable with the standard mathematical tools used in economics, specifically calculus and constrained optimization.


 CGE Class 2013