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Graduate skills and graduates' jobs

In the mid-1990s the notion of 'graduateness' was subjected to extensive analysis. Could a threshold range of 'graduate skills' be identified, which differentiated graduates from those who had not had the benefit of undergraduate education, and ran through, or laid the foundation for, the specialist skills and knowledge developed on particular degree courses? In this presentation, we explore in some detail the occupations held by graduates seven years after graduation. What do these graduates actually do? Are their jobs defined by their role within the organisation, by the skills they exercise, by the knowledge they acquired as undergraduates or subsequently? What is the relationship between specialist and generic skills and knowledge? Are the types of activity they do in the course of their working days - working with technology, interpersonal activities, project management, client-focused work, hybrid skills - similarly embedded within all four categories of graduate employment within the new classification?

Click below to download this PowerPoint presentation to the first meeting of the Graduate Labour Market Forum, Warwick in London, March 13th, 2003.

Microsoft Powerpoint presentation (PPT) Graduate skills and graduates' jobs