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Engaging with the policy community

April 2011

Workshop: Higher education expansion and labour market restructuring. Access and oppportunities in Brazil, India and the UK

A one-day consultative workshop between senior Brazilian academics, policy makers and employers to discuss comparative policy-related research being undertaken by interdisciplinary research teams in Brazil, India and the UK. The researchers’ brief was to assess the quality and potential of statistical data in Brazil and India relating to individual and social returns to higher education participation and the relationship between higher education, labour market change and opportunity.

An important element of the project is to engage with key stakeholders and experts in the relevant field in each county to clarify priorities for future research and data collection that can better inform higher education and employment policy and practice.

The Workshop was held on April 13th at CEBRAP - Centro Brasileiro de Análise e Planejamento in Sao Paulo.

December 2010

Higher Education Expansion and Labour Market Restructuring. Access and Opportunities in Brazil, India and the UK

This three-day workshop was held on October 6th-10th 2010 at the Observer Research Foundation Delhi, Conference Hall