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Studies on sustainability issues - green jobs, trade and labour

This study aims to assess the likely impacts of current climate change policy on the composition, quality and quantity of employment. This will include short-term transitional impacts, for example from investment in new technologies, as well as longer-term trends. Having gained a better understanding of these impacts, the study will then consider the possible effects of policies aimed at meeting the challenges the labour market faces from large reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. The project is a collaboration between CE, IER and GHK, with IER leading on the assessment of the effectiveness of current labour market and other policies in easing the transition to a low-carbon economy, and the assessment of possible new policy combinations that might ease the transition. IER will also play a major role in analysing the quantitative and qualitative results and drawing policy-based conclusions to provide recommendations to strengthen the implementation of the European Employment Strategy.

Project Duration:

01/09/2009 - 28/02/2011

Project Team:

Rob Wilson

Terence Hogarth

Ilias Livanos

External Partners


Cambridge Econometrics


European Commission, Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities