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Heritage sector survey participation information leaflet

This study is funded by Historic England. As part of its Inclusion Strategy 2021-2023, Historic England is committed to making the heritage workforce and volunteers (including their own) more representative of society. However, before Historic England can work with the sector to address this, they need to have data on the current demographic make-up of the sector’s workforce, including volunteers and governance roles, to inform the next steps of implementing the Strategy. The results of this study will be made available to the sector to understand gaps in data and to help inform future work on improving the diversity of the workforce. The questions we are seeking to answer through this research are:

• What does the workforce of the Heritage sector currently look like?
• How does this compare with the demographic make-up of England?
• What does the workforce in the Heritage sector look like with regard to different job types?
We are not asking you to start collecting data from your workforce in order to take part in this study - only use the data that you have previously collected, for example, when you recruited a member of staff or volunteers.
It is entirely up to you to decide whether to take part in this study on behalf of your organisation. More details about the study can be found in the information leaflet: