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Jobs and skills in the Leeds city region

This research was commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation as part of their Cities, Growth and Poverty Programme.

The context for this research project is that enabling progression is important for tackling poverty in the UK, given the increase in poverty in working households. In the context of Universal Credit, employer co-investment in skills, and cities gaining more devolved powers, there are opportunities to develop progression-focused policies.

The research aimed to generate innovative ideas and proposals for a package of employment and skills initiatives focusing on progression from low-paid work in the Leeds City Region.

It involved:

  1. assessing the future employment requirements of sectors and occupations at entry and progression levels;
  2. identifying and assessing challenges facing individuals and employers at the low-skill end of the labour market;
  3. reviewing national and international good practice in design/governance/delivery of local skills systems, especially those supporting progression;
  4. mapping and assessing skills provision in the Leeds City Region, focusing on provision for those in low-paid work and in (working) poverty;
  5. development of a package of progression-focused employment and skills initiatives.

The research highlighted:

  • a partnership approach is required to local and sectoral development needs, to focus on skills and earnings progression for low-income individuals while also meeting employers’ needs;
  • low-paid workers could benefit from a careers information, advice and guidance service to support progression;
  • there is scope for an in-work progression service with a sectoral-based approach focusing on both employers and low-wage workers; and
  • a business support service could help enhance opportunities for part-time workers.

The research report on this research is entitled Improving progression from low-paid jobs at city-region level.

For the Summary Report see Summary of findings

For the Main Report see Improving progression from low-paid jobs at city-region level

IER Project Team Members

Principal Investigator: Anne Green

Project Partners

Coventry University
The Work Foundation

Project Duration

November 2014 - July 2015

Project Funder

Joseph Rowntree Foundation