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Labour market information and intelligence - practice examples

The IER supported by the Gatsby Foundation are undertaking a study to explore the supply of labour market information (LMI) and labour market intelligence (LMI+) in England, to understand sources and identify gaps in both underlying data sources and the provision or dissemination of information.

There are different types of labour market information (LMI). For example:

  • ‘Hard LMI’ typically refers to data gathered directly from the labour market and / or employer surveys on a geographic and / or sector basis to provide a statistical picture of current and likely future employment and skills trends.
  • ‘Soft LMI’, in contrast, refers to information collected from a range of other, less official sources, like meetings or conversations with employers, or the experiences of particular jobs provided by people working in those jobs.

Labour market intelligence (LMI+) represents a further, important distinction. It refers to the interpretation of hard labour market data for different purposes and is what career practitioners and teachers find most useful for the career guidance process.

The study aims to create a better understanding of the breadth of the LMI landscape in England and identify any gaps in the supply and provision of LMI and LMI+.

The study will focus on LMI and LMI+ aimed at intermediaries (i.e., career education professionals, educators, parents/carers) and young people at secondary school and in further education. If you:

  • Collect and compile LMI and/or LMI+
  • Provide a repository and/or tools to explore LMI/LMI+
  • Undertake analysis and/or provide access to that analysis and interpretation
  • Disseminate LMI/LMI+

Please feel free to provide a description of your activity below or upload any information you may have. All information will be anonymised and we will contact if you we will to include your example in the final published report.

If you have any questions about how the information will be used or wish to remove your information, please contact Sally-Anne Barnes by email Sally-Anne dot Barnes at warwick dot ac dot uk

This form is closed and is no longer accepting any submissions. Thank you for your time.