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LMI for All: Developing a careers LMI data tool

UPDATE: LMI for All: Developing a careers database (Final report) and Developing a Careers Database: Phase 2A report now available to download.


To find out about further developments of the LMI for All Service see this update.

This project is designed to develop a careers LMI data tool that seeks to link and open up careers focused LMI with the intention of optimising access to, and use of, core national data sources that can be used to support individuals make better decisions about learning and work. This project follows on from the prototype developed in early 2012 that tested the feasibility of a LMI database to develop targeted applications and websites that present LMI in a more engaging way and targeted at specific audiences. It is the aim of the project to make LMI more widely deployed and play a more active role in informing the operation of the labour market.

Under the brand name "LMI for All" the data tool will bring together robust LMI to provide a common and consistent information from a range of national sources and surveys. The project will be delivered in two phases, with the first extending from November, 2012 through to May, 2013. The commissioning of the second phase (May, 2013 - March, 2015) will be dependent on a successful outcome from the first.

IER will be working in partnership with RayCom and Pontydysgu. The team brings together expertise in the manipulation and utilisation of large and complex datasets; experience of software development in software tools for mediating and visualising LMI; expertise in the process of enhancing the use LMI for supporting labour market transitions across the life course; a detailed understanding of integrating the use of ICT and LMI by a range of organisations and individuals in the context of decision-making about careers and the labour market; and experience of organising events to test the data tool before release with a range of stakeholders. We will also be working with Rewired State who will be designing the Hack and Modding days by bringing creative developers and industry experts together to test the Careers database API.

Hack day, The Hub Westminster

The first Hack day, organised by Rewired State, was held on 12 March 2013. It tested the feasibility of a LMI database to develop targeted applications and websites that present LMI. See some of the apps and ideas developed using the database API on the Rewired State website.

#Careerhack @appchallenge, 2014

A call was sent out to developers by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills to help present LMI in innovative and engaging ways to help people make better and more informed choices about their careers. The CareerHack competition asked developers to create and build a workable app using the LMI for All data. All entries had to submit a YouTube video demonstrating how the app works. Click here to see all the entrants. The competition winners are:

  • First prize – Career Advisor by Tomasz Florczak from Logtomobile, Poland
  • Runner up prize - Job Happy by Harry Jones, Bath
  • Further education prize – Career Path by Philip Hardwick
  • Further education runner up prize – Know your future by Barking and Dagenham College, London

Early adopters

The following websites from RCU Ltd and icould demonstrate the potential of the LMI for All data tool. RCU Ltd have used the mashed the Labour Fore Survey, Employer Skills Survey and Working Futures data to visualise data for all occupations. icould have used included the data alongside their careers videos.

Keep up-to-date with our progress.... #lmiforall


More information on the project from UKCES

Duration: November 2012 - March 2015

Project Team:
Jenny Bimrose
Rob Wilson 
Sally-Anne Barnes
David Owen
Anne Green
Yuxin Li 
Andy Holden
Luke Bosworth
Peter Millar
Andy Dickerson

Technical team:
Raymond Elferink, Raycom


Graham Attwell, Philipp Rustemeier and Dirk Stiglitz, Pontydysgu


Project partners: