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Continuous Social Learning in Knowledge Networks - MATURE

MATURE is a large-scale integrating project (IP), co-funded by the European Commission, Unit for Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) within Call 1 of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). MATURE brings together an experienced multi-disciplinary team of outstanding experts. To leverage their combined skills, it utilizes a participatory design methodology, involving companies inside and outside the consortium. MATURE has also begun to set up an associate partner network to maximize the project impact. The goal of MATURE is to understand this maturing process better, based on empirical studies, and to build tools and services to reduce maturing barriers.

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Project website:


Project duration: 2008-2012

IER Project team:

Alan Brown

Jenny Bimrose

Sally-Anne Barnes

Scientific coordinator:

Andreas Schmidt, FZI Research Center for Information Technologies, Germany

Administrative coordinator:

Pablo Franzolini, CIMNE, Spain


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