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International Comparisons

International Comparisons

The development of a thriving medical technologies cluster in the West Midlandsis dependent in part upon the capacity of businesses to make their mark in the world economy. Given that technologies often become standardised across countries, competitive advantage is generated by the relative capabilities of the workforce. The Developing Excellence study was conducted by IER/WMG, in conjunction with PLS in Denmark and Economix in Germany to give a global perspective on the role of skills in generating competitive advantage in the global economy. The study was funded by Advantage West Midlands. The following information is available for the USA, UK, Germany, and Denmark/Sweden:

The German study was conducted by Kurt Vogler-Ludwig at Economix in Munich.

The studies of the USA and Denmark/Sweden were undertaken by Henning Thomsen at PLS Ramboll.

The overall study and UK reports were conducted by Terence Hogarth, Colin Davis, Bill Daniel, and Chris Hasluck at IER and WMG.

Publications from the study are available for download by using the links below, or by contacting us.

The Benchmark report can be found here

The Main Report is here word doc