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Methodological issues in estimating the economic value added by Higher Education, Further Education

The aim of this project is to undertake a systematic and focused review of the relevant literature and evidence which will be used along with analytical insights to recommend the best approaches to addressing particular methodological issues encountered in estimating the returns to Higher Education (HE), Further Education (FE) and Skills interventions.

The systematic review of relevant literature/evidence will assess how the key issues have been treated to date and the strengths and weaknesses of these approaches. A comparison of methodological issues and assumptions between different forms of learning and education (i.e. HE, FE and Skills interventions) will be undertaken. The synthesis of findings from the literature will be used to provide recommendations of the most appropriate and consistent set of approaches/assumptions to be used in future estimates.

The final report for this project was published in May 2014. See: Gambin, L., Beaven, R., Hogarth, T., May-Gillings, M. and Long, K. (2014) 'Methodological Issues in Estimating the Value Added of Further Education, Higher Education and Skills: A review of relevant literature,' BIS Research Paper Number 166 , London: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.


Project Team:

Lynn Gambin (Principal Investigator)
Terence Hogarth

Project Duration:

Feburary - October 2013


Department for Business, Innovation and Skills