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Final Review and Evaluation of the Mon Menai Economic Inactivity Project

The overall purpose of this project is to carry out a review and brief summary evaluation of the Mon Menai Economic Inactivity project and to make recommendations for which elements of good practice can be taken forward to shape future activity in the local area. The key aims of the evaluation are:

  • To make an assessment of the project vis-à-vis the objectives set out in the initial Business Plan.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of the delivery model adopted.
  • To identify key lessons and best practice from the experience of the Mon Menai Economic Inactivity project.
  • To make recommendations for building on positive aspects of the work of the project and make recommendations for how local activity can ensure local people are best placed to take advantages from direct and indirect opportunities from newly created jobs.
  • To review and assess key economic activity strategies and policy developments and to undertake a scoping exercise of strategic and project delivery groups.
  • To make recommendations for local strategic governance and leadership arrangements in the Mon Menai and North West Wales areas.

Principal Investigator:

Professor Anne Green

Project Team:

Duncan Adam

Gaby Atfield

Project Duration:

January 2012 - March 2012

Project Sponsor:

Isle of Anglesey County Council