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The Class of '99 - Graduate Careers 4 Years after Graduation

This project was awarded by the Department for Education and Skills. It built upon earlier work funded by the DfEE, ESRC and CSU and took the form of a major national survey of graduates and diplomates who completed their first degree (or higher diploma) in 1998/99. The research was jointly directed by Kate Purcell and Peter Elias. More...

Three further reports were produced as a result of analysis of the 1999 graduate cohort analysis:

Northern Ireland's Graduates: the classes of '95 and '99 , by Kate Purcell, Peter Elias, Rhys Davies and Nick Wilton, published by the Department for Employment and Learning (Northern Ireland).

(PDF Document) Scotland's Class of '99: the early career paths of graduates who studied in Scottish Higher Education Institutions, by Kate Purcell, Nick Wilton and Peter Elias, published by the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council. A (PDF Document) summary report is also available.

Finally, an investigation of teaching as a graduate career was undertaken, drawing on both the 1995 and 1999 graduate cohort data. This analysis was funded by the DfES and the report, Education as a Career: Entry and Exit from Teaching as a Profession can be downloaded here.



Peter Elias
Kate Purcell
Rhys Davies
Collaborating with:
Nick Wilton (ESRU)