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New skills network

The New Skills Network is coordinated by the Icelandic National Agency for EU´s Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) and involves 15 partner countries from across Europe. The Network aims to help ensure that the LLP programme supports Member States adequately in skills upgrading and skills matching through the mobilisation of existing Community policies and funds. It facilitates development of more projects aimed at developing processes, methods and tools aimed at helping Europe closing the current skills gap and facilitating the upgrade of skills. It also considers the impact of new policy developments and setting of long-term strategic priorities at Community and Member State levels related to the theme.

Professor Rob Wilson provided expertise in creating an analytic framework for EU-funded projects and to select projects to be used as best practice case studies using his expertise in forecasting of future skills needs to determine how the projects contribute to these aims.

New skills network project website

Project Duration:

October 2010 - August 2011

Principal Investigator:

Professor Rob Wilson


University of Iceland