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Developing occupational skills profiles for the UK

This project, being undertaken in collaboration with the University of Sheffield, aims to construct a systematic 'mapping' between US and UK occupational classifications, and to use the skills measures and other content of the US O*NET system matched to UK occupations. The O*NET system includes over 200 measures of skills and job characteristics for each of around 1,000 different occupations, with information gathered from both job incumbents as well as professional job analysts.

The multi-dimensional O*NET system is used to generate a comprehensive database of occupational skills profiles for the UK. This will facilitate a much more detailed depiction of skills utilisations, and changes in skills utilisation, than is currently available for the UK.

Dickerson, A., Wilson, R., Kik, G., Dhillon, D. (2012). Developing Occupational Skills Profiles for the UK: A Feasibility Study, Evidence Report 44, February 2012. UK Commission for Employment and Skills.


Project Duration:

October 2010 - March 2011

Project Team:

Professor Rob Wilson (Principal Investigator) - Institute for Employment Research

Professor Peter Elias - Institute for Employment Research

Professor Andy Dickerson - University of Sheffield


University of Sheffield