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Quantitative analysis of poverty and ethnicity in Wales and Northern Ireland

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation, as part of its “Poverty and Ethnicity Programme” has commissioned research into the relationship between poverty and ethnicity in Northern Ireland and Wales. Most of these projects adopt a qualitative approach. The Foundation has commissioned IER to undertake a study to complement this research, which aims to (i)identify the quantitative data on poverty and ethnicity which exists in both countries and (ii)uses this to analyse the characteristics of the minority population and their comparative experience of poverty and associated underlying social and economic factors. Both countries have small minority populations which are very different in character to that of England and which can change rapidly as migration patterns change.

The project will have two types of output for each country. First, a review of the available quantitative data sources, detailing the information collected on ethnicity and migration, income and relevant dimensions of poverty. Secondly, a report bringing these data sources together to present a quantitative picture of the incidence of poverty by ethnic group.

Principal Investigator:

David Owen

Project Team:

Anne Green - IER

Maria de Hoyos - IER

Project Duration:

December 2011 - June 2012

Project Sponsor:

Joseph Rowntree Foundation